Our Location

Sohar Garden Residences is ideally situated in a quiet yet fast growing area of the city in Al Moultaqa.

About Sohar Garden Residences

Sohar Garden Residences is not just another block of concrete buildings that we find around town. It is an Oasis that has set standards and lent credence to the art of living. Sohar Garden Residences are aesthetically designed on an area of 37,000 m2, beautifully landscaped in green surroundings and water features offering a panoramic view.

Outdoor Pools

Sohar Garden Residences boasts two luxurious, leisure swimming pools which are available to Sohar Garden Residents totally free of cost.

Our Facilities

The uniqueness and strength of Sohar Garden Residences lies in the fact that the promoters have taken into account the need of a modern day resident and have incorporated into it features and facilities that would ensure peace and comfort of mind. Sohar Garden Residences offers a range of facilities within the compound for a hassle free lifestyle.